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If you’re injured by a careless driver, uninsured motorist, or negligent business owner in Philadelphia and the vicinity, you need a prizefighter in your corner. Instead of going round after round with stubborn insurance companies, call on Ronald V. Cole, Esquire for a free consultation. Attorney Cole will leverage his 35 years of experience as a personal injury litigator and his comprehensive grasp of the subtleties of automobile insurance regulations as they pertain to collisions in your favor. In addition, Attorney Cole’s grasp of the intricacies of premises liability law will assist you in obtaining the appropriate resolution when you experience injuries through no fault of your own.

Attorney Cole will wrestle with insurance companies, contractors, or commercial or private owners who cause you pain and suffering, income loss, unpaid medical bills and temporary or permanent disability, from dangerous conditions and defects such as icy sidewalks, wet floors, inadequate lighting, or malfunctioning equipment in places of public accommodation. Attorney Cole also understands premises liability law issues, including how to wrangle just compensation for injured parties, when the premises’ owner, lessee, or manager should have exercised reasonable care for the well-being and safety of customers, staff, and contingent workers.

Talk through the events leading up to your personal injury with Attorney Cole. Then, permit him to assemble the necessary strategy to win your case. Whether you prefer remote conferencing or face-to-face meetings, you have Attorney Cole’s easily accessible office and concierge-level service at your fingertips. Consequently, keep his phone number on speed dial.

Before you sign anything, whether it’s a police accident report, workplace safety event statement, or even a mutual agreement between yourself and the driver, premises owner, or any witnesses, call Ronald V. Cole, Esquire at (610) 660-7741 from the scene of your accident for a free consultation on the merits of your case. Then, allow Attorney Cole to jump into the ring to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair shake from foot-dragging insurance companies or negligent business owners.

Automobile Collisions

We specialize in representing clients injured in minor impact, soft tissue (MIST), collisions where the property damage to the impacted vehicles is slight and at first blush the injuries seems like the garden variety sprain and strain to the neck and back. By employing the latest medical radiology imaging diagnostic tools we have had tremendous success in obtaining five and six figure recoveries for our clients in this types of cases.

For example:

  • $245,000.00 recovery in Philadelphia for a SEPTA bus driver client struck at the left tire of his bus by the wrongdoer who said his foot slipped off the brake and rolled into the bus:
  • $250,000.00 recovery in Montgomery County for rear seat passenger client whose vehicle was rear-ended where there was no damage to the striking vehicle and only a small dent in the rear bumper of the victim’s vehicle:
  • $97,500.00 liability/UIM recovery in Philadelphia for client in rear-end collision with damage to the client’s car limited to paint scratches to the rear bumper
  • $188,000.00 recovery in Schuylkill County for client from front end collision with minimal damage and less then $5,000.00 in medical bills.

Other Automobile Collision Recoveries

  • $211,000.00 recovery in Philadelphia for an 8 year old client from an ice cream truck company whose driver double-parked on a small street and the minor client was struck by car passing the parked truck:
  • $115,000.00 insurance policy limits recovery in Chester County for parents of 17 year old daughter for wrongful death prior to suit being filed.

Dangerous Premises

$55,000.00 in Montgomery County from drug store chain for client who tripped and fell over parking lot grocery cart stand where she sustained no objective medical injury.

Medical Malpractice

$55,000.00 recovery in Delaware County for a class action member for alleged aluminum poisoning during dialysis treatment.

Employment Discrimination

$400,000.00 Federal Court recovery from employer who relocated his business to North Carolina and laid off two clients who were over forty years old but relocated younger but less qualified employees.

With extensive experience, Attorney Ronald V. Cole, Esquire is committed to helping his clients to achieve positive legal results.

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